Manbassadors- for a gender equal work place

The road to a gender equal workplace is a long and difficult one. One of the many issues that has worked against the equality agenda is man-shaming! A recent Harvard study showed that traditional diversity training programs of organizations have in fact increased the gender gap in organizations as most training programs made men feel Read more about Manbassadors- for a gender equal work place[…]


A poetic tribute of Mary Kom’s life

What could be a better way to pay glowing tributes to Manipur’s Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, more commonly known as ‘Mary Kom’ than taking a fast-ride through her life narrating the emotional experience of walking down memory lane as described in her autobiography ‘Unbeatable’. A story and an inspiration – in the form of a Read more about A poetic tribute of Mary Kom’s life[…]


Fixing the pay gap – taking Gender out of the equation

India’s gender pay gap exceeds the world average. Well, not a pleasant note to begin “Equal Pay Day” now, is it? According to Monster India’s Salary Index 2017, the current gender pay gap in India stands at 20% – where men earned a median gross hourly salary of Rs. 231, in comparison, women earned only Read more about Fixing the pay gap – taking Gender out of the equation[…]


The wear and tear of dress codes

Dress codes, stated or unstated, have always been a pertinent definition of women in their social or professional lives, the variables being culture, political environment, religion, and social norms. But very often these controls loosen out and take different forms and shapes as women become accepted for their competence, creativity, maturity and leadership qualities and Read more about The wear and tear of dress codes[…]


Do’s and Don’ts of Power Dressing

Power dressing, the work wear ‘uniforms’ for women, consisting of padded shoulders, pant suits and neutral shades have, now, been forgotten and a new age of power dressing is emerging. Beginning with the feminist revolution, fashion has diminished the line between women’s clothing options for her work wear and other aspects of her lifestyle. Power Read more about Do’s and Don’ts of Power Dressing[…]